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Joomla Menu does not Appear Correctly in Frontend

My Joomla Menu does not Appear. What’s Wrong with it?

For proper navigation of websites, Joomla menus play an important role. Each Joomla template has atleast one navigation menu. There may be additional secondary menus as well. They may appear in sidebars or footer. By creating additional template position, these Joomla menus can be made to appear anywhere as well.

joomla menu does not appear

But there may be times when Joomla menu does not appear in the front-end. In such cases, check any of the following reasons. From our experience, we have listed a number of causes for which Joomla menu does not appear.

Reasons why Joomla menu does not appear

  • PHP version is not compatible with Joomla version
  • Cache has not been cleared
  • Improper menu indexing in the back-end
  • Coding errors in Joomla menu

Possible solutions when Joomla menu does not appear

  • Either upgrade Joomla version or downgrade PHP version to solve compatibility issues.
  • In admin control panel, goto Global configuration >> Tools and clear the cache.
  • Delete the menu and once again properly index the menu items.
  • Goto Global configuration >> Debug System and choose yes. Check the debug errors in website.

If still Joomla menu does not appear, then there exists coding errors. On debug, you will get error messages in the website. In case you are unable to fix the errors then request a quote. Our team of developers will contact you and help you in the process.

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