Joomla Installation

Joomla  installation is very easy. You can download the latest version of Joomla   built-in installer from Joomla Website – Download Now.
Follow these steps now
Then upload the installation ZIP directly into the server public folder using FTP such as FileZilla.
Step 2
Now download Akeeba KickStart, extract it and upload the kickstart.php into the server. Kickstart is used to extract the files directly in the server. This is faster than extracting the files on the computer and then uploading it to the server.
Step 3
Now to access the kickstart.php through your browser. Ex:
Step 4
Once the extraction is done. Delete the kickstart.php file from the server.
Step 5
Now follow the steps mentioned here – View
We provide paid installation services if you are unable to set up your Joomla website on a server we can help you to install it for $50. Contact us and get it done soon.