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Joomla Extensions & The Difference Between Them

Joomla Extensions  – Modules, Components and Plugins

Joomla extensions Modules, Components, Plugins together compromise Joomla extensions. This post on Joomla extensions covers the definition, needs and differences between various extensions.

List of Joomla Extensions

  • Plugin

Plugin are the extensions that help in executing codes in response to certain events. These events may be either Joomla core events or custom Joomla events which are triggered from the code that is used. Plugin are a powerful way of extending the basic Joomla functionality.

  • Components

Components are the main functional units which are displayed in the Joomla template, just like the contact forms and Web links. They are usually displayed in the center of the main content area depending on the template.

  • Modules

Modules are lightweight and flexible extensions used for rendering pages. Modules are usually less complex and used to add some extra functionality in the Joomla template. Sometimes modules are inter-linked with components.

  • Extensions

All components, modules, plugins and templates are collectively termed as Joomla Extensions. You can either use premium and free extensions or use custom made extensions in your website. For premium and custom extensions, request a quote today.

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