Joomla Bug Fixing


Confronting errors while developing a joomla website? The errors you face may be:

CSS Error: Usually a Joomla Core CMS is free from CSS errors but while installing anything new you may get certain errors. These errors can be fixed by a CSS expert having intense knowledge on CSS or by a template developer who has designed it.
Extension Installation Error: Errors may also be found while installing a new module, component or plugin.
Javascript/jQuery Conflict: The javascript functionality stops working when there is a contravention between two or more scripts loading in the template.
Redirection Errors: Sometimes Developers also encounter problems such as Joomla page redirection hassles or 404 errors.
PHP/MySQL Errors: Moreover the error may be at the front-end or back end (database) of the website. A person who is potent enough in PHP as well as MySQL can solve such serious issues.

Therefore, in order to resolve these errors it is highly recommended either to contact a Joomla Expert who have experience and expertise in fixing such errors and who can resolve these issues instantly. We also recommend our Joomla Experts to work out on these issues.

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