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How is Joomla better than Drupal and WordPress?

You may be wondering which content management system (CMS) is the best choice for you, if creating a website for your business is on the horizon. The three most widely-used CMS Joomla,Drupal and WordPress are open-source software, which are maintained by a community of thousands. They are not only free to download and use, but also they are open-source format which means that the platform is continuously being improved to support new Internet technologies. When we talk about using Drupal, Joomla and WordPress we must approach these three applications as tools that all basically do the same thing, Manage Content. Each of them has a database that stores the content needed for display. The difference is only in potential scalability and ease of use. Let see how is Joomla better than Drupal and WordPress.

Joomla is as easy to use as WordPress, but it does not limit your scalability for future growth. The Joomla platform offers rich features that are equal to and often superior to those in Drupal but because Joomla CMS has such a large Global community of service providers and developers, you do not have vender lock in due to the often complex nature and higher cost of managing a Drupal site. Joomla sits in middle of these other top contenders and currently powers over 2.8% of all web sites on the internet.

Joomla offers middle ground between the extensive capabilities of Drupal, developer-oriented and user-friendly but more complex site development options than WordPress offers. It has relatively uncomplicated setup and installation. With a relatively small investment of effort into understanding Joomla’s terminology and structure, you have the ability to create fairly complex sites whereas Drupal requires the most technical expertise of the three CMSs.Joomla is designed to perform as a platform, with strong social networking features.

There are two appealing factors for considering WordPress; one is for starting a simple blog site WordPress is relatively easy to manage and implement for a non-technical end user and like Joomla can be downloaded for free. The other approach is the developers that like building custom sites will use the WordPress framework to build custom sites where they only want the end users to put in content .It was found that the trade-off between a little more learning curve in Joomla vs WordPress, which can be easily overcomed with training, offers the clients a much better long term solution. It also ends up being less cost to maintain.

Drupal is a platform with many features and has proven to be very scaleable. They beat Joomla to the punch in a few areas in earlier releases but the new Joomla offers not only many of the options that are most requested but Joomla has evolved to be much less expensive, easier and just as scalable as Drupal. Things like content tags, intuitive user interface, mobile ready, easy installation, easy to learn sample content models,  unlimited access control level management , easy upgrade parameters and a host of other great features combined with the largest collection of extensions and templates of any other open source CMS are making Joomla stand out by far as the best choice. 

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