Joomla Admin URL and Common Mistakes?

The new joomla users may face problem with finding the URL for admin in Joomla. To get into the admin of Joomla for any of the versions you can just type :
If you have hosted your joomla on a domain then
and if you are installed joomla on your local machine

Common Mistakes

  • Check that you type the correct spelling for administrator
  • Donot type like this /Administrator or /ADMINISTRATOR , Linux servers are case sensitive.

If you still face problems to access , then check that the administrator folder exists in your joomla folder or else you can install the joomla again.
Sometimes when you try to access the administrator folder you may see blank  web page without login information area. This may happen due to issues with the system plugins or files getting corrupted. You may contact us for such kind of issues and contact us for a paid service.