Internal Joomla Article Link and its Advantages

Internal Joomla Article Link- Why you should link your articles?

Joomla is a preferred content management system over the Internet. One can effortlessly add, edit and delete data using this powerful CMS. When there are a number of articles then some of them can be used for internal Joomla article link with others.

Internal linking is done to increase viewer readership, link to related posts and also improve internal link building structure for better page rank. Internally connected articles rank higher in search engines. So because of these advantages, internal Joomla article link is necessary.

How to Create Internal Joomla Article Links

This post covers how to create internal Joomla article links in easy steps.

  • Code Usage: Replace ARTICLE_ID with the numeric id of the article to be linked.
  • Use Extensions: Easiest way for internal Joomla article link is to install and use JCE. This allows you to link menu items, articles and other extensions. You can also use Linkr for linking articles in Joomla.

Use either of the ways for internally linking Joomla articles.