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How to Insert & Modify Tables in Joomla Articles

Insert & Modify Tables in Joomla ArticlesJoomla content management system offers a number of eay to use features for Joomla administrators and users. One can easily create content for a website. Sometimes, one may need to use a table in the article as they are an integral part of Joomla articles. If you wish to insert a table and modify it this tutorial can be of great help. Using it, you can insert and delete rows and columns, merge cells and split cells in a table.

Steps to Insert a Table in Joomla Article

  • First of all you need to open the article you wish to edit. You can do this by any one of the following ways:
  1. Click the Content > Article Manager menu item to go to the Article Manager, select the Article, and click the Edit toolbar button.
  2. Click the Add New Article button in the Control Panel
  3. If you have the appropriate permissions to edit an article and you are logged in to your Joomla account, then you can edit it by simply clicking the Edit toolbar button, in the frontend.
  • In the Article editor, locate the position where you wish to insert the table
  • On clicking the Inserts a new table toolbar button, the Insert/ Modify table screen opens
  • Select the number of rows and columns you wish to insert
  • Clicking the Insert button will insert a blank table with the specified number of cells & columns

Steps to Modify an Inserted Table in Joomla article

  • First of all you need to open the article you wish to edit.
  • Locate the table you wish to modify and carryout the following steps:

Insert a New Row

  • Select a cell in the row above or row below where you wish to insert the new row
  • Use the Insert Row Above or Insert Row Below toolbar buttons accordingly

Delete an Existing Row

  • Select a cell in the row you wish to delete
  • Click on the Delete Row toolbar button

Insert a New Column

  • Select a cell in a column adjacent to where you wish to create the new column
  • Click the Insert Column Before or Insert Column After toolbar button

Delete an Existing Column

  • Select a cell in the column you wish to delete
  • Click the Delete Column toolbar button

Merge a Range of Cells

  • Click and highlight a range of cells you wish to merge
  • Click the Merge table cells toolbar button

Split Merged Cells

  • Select the cell you wish to split
  • Click the Split merged table cells toolbar button

For splitting merged cells, you can only split previously merged cells. Once you split them, it returns to the format it was initially before being merged.

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