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Importance of Mcommerce in Ecommerce

The mobile communication industry is growing at a rapid rate and mobile commerce is continuing to evolve. The online retailers must adapt to these if they don’t want to lose out on potential customers. In order to be part of the mobile commerce growth story and succeed in the marketplace, m-commerce solutions need to take advantage of the qualities that make them different from traditional Web-based e-commerce solutions. The qualities include being always on, supporting social and gamification trends, enabling easy integration of different applications and showing an awareness of how the consumer is using the mobile commerce application. So read through to know the importance of Mcommerce in Ecommerce.

Why do we need Mcommerce?

Mobile commerce as everybody knows is conducted through various mobile devices.  This helps in conducting various business operations such as processing payment, receiving and purchasing orders, monitoring and managing the work and sales force spread across various platforms and delivering products and services. Mcommerce or mobile commerce increases the potential for sales because shoppers can shop at any time and from anywhere and users feel comfortable to shop using mobile devices.  Having a mobile commerce site will help you reach your customers even when they are shopping offline. You definitely need to design your website for mobile use if you have understood the importance of mobile commerce. However you need an ecommerce solution that will support mobile commerce so that viewing your website on a mobile device does not limit the appearance and functionality of your website.

In order to be part of the mobile commerce growth story and succeed in the marketplace-commerce solutions need to have the following six characteristics that differentiate them from traditional Web-based e-commerce solutions.

Always On

The fact that users of mobile devices are always on has important implications to a mobile commerce application. Today’s m-commerce applications need to be always on as gone are the days when multichannel marketing led to a single transaction on an e-commerce website They provide users with value and  offers a without being dependent on direct user action, but on indirect user activities like visits to a location or check-ins.

Highly Integrated

One of the important features of modern Web and mobile solutions is their ability to seamlessly integrate with each other. It is difficult for modern m-commerce applications to integrate with various feeds and sources to provide value to customers. Integrations like the ones with social networks, to create offers; run promotions are not just desirable, but also critical to the success of mobile commerce applications.


Modern commerce applications that are written for mobile devices need to integrate with social media for promotions and marketing and should also enable sharing and collaboration among users in the form of reviews, group deals.


Gamification can be used extensively even on traditional Web-based e-commerce websites for which it is highly relevant. It plays specifically into the intimacy of mobile phones to drive loyalty, impulse purchases and sharing through attractive and tangible goals that can be achieved right from a user’s pocket.

Awareness of Consumer Context

 The ability to provide the context in which the consumer is operating is perhaps the most enduring advantage of mobile phones over personal computers and desktop browsers. Whether through customized and dynamic menus delivered according to user preferences or simply by blending user behaviour with relative popularity of a product, through tracking user location via check-ins, understanding and acting on the context in which a user wants is a key element to success for the mobile commerce application.

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