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Using existing WordPress articles to increase Rank

Ranking high in the Search Engines is pretty much the most important thing that people aim at while planning for websites. If you have a WordPress site, there are plenty of things which you should know to optimize your page for Search Engines. There is one simple trick people miss while optimizing their websites for search engines, which is interlinking the articles that you already have in the site.

The overall process doesn’t take a lot of time; however, the process is a lot more effective than trying to increase the rank of a page from the ground up. In this post, we shall talk about some of the basic ways in which you can increase the ranks of your page. So read through to know how to use the existing WordPress articles to increase your rank.

Why interlink the pages?

Before we get into the details of looking into how to interlink your articles, one should understand how exactly, it would help to get your page a higher rank. First of all, you would have to know which of the articles are ranking higher in the Search engine results already. You can learn this by simply running a search query for the keywords for which you have optimized the page. You can log in to any analytics website, like Google Analytics to know which of the keywords are best optimized for. So, you would get a feel as to what are the keywords which are ranking well for you.

Interlinking your new articles with articles which are already ranking higher, you would be able to get the search engine crawl more on your new articles and thus increasing your chances of ranking higher.

How to interlink?

There are just two basic steps which you should know regarding the inclusion of the webpages.

The higher the link, the better

Though SEO is all about guessing the right thing, about the way in which search engines index pages, there are some tricks which have shown to be beneficial in the long run. Suppose you are writing a blog now, which has something to do with the blogs which you have written in the past. Referring to the past blogs is a very essential thing since it would make your whole site look consistent and also helps you increase the rank of the current blog along with the blog which has been published earlier. Where you place the link to the website is an important thing. The higher you place the link the better it is. The web crawlers are more likely to pick and follow the links which have been placed higher above the page than those found in the footers.

Multiple references don’t work

You cannot pump your rank high by simply referencing to the same link many times. It just doesn’t work. So, mention it once, and mention it in a place where people are more likely to click it. Remember that search engines try and find out the quality and usability of the pages to rank them. If you hope that by making a page link appear many times in a new article will increase its rank, you cannot be more wrong. So, your concern should be focused on making people click and stay on your pages more.

WordPress SEO isn’t a difficult task, but you have to start understanding the web more if you intend to make an impact on the rankings of your page. This interlinking is only a basic step, there are plenty of the other tricks and tips that can be and should be applied to the blog if you want your WordPress blog rank higher in the search engine pages.