How to transfer Joomla site from one server to another?

It is an easy process to move the Joomla site from one server to the other. It is also not time consuming, but there are times, when you can see the process itself becoming a headache. When it comes to the server migration of the Joomla site, you need to consider a few important steps, to make the process hassle free. If you are introduced to the server management, FTP usage, Joomla 1.5x, phpMyAdmin, then the process explained below is not going to be farfetched to understand. Here is how to transfer Joomla site from one server to another.
Create a backup:
Creating a backup is to ensure that no loss of data occurs. This is a simple process. For this,

  • Login to the site using FTP or the control panel
  • Download all the files

There are FTP programs that can integrate the files with FireFox. These downloaded files should get into your live public directory.
Public_html or html are the public directories found in almost all the servers. If the migration happens from a local department server, then the process is too easy.
Database backup:
Provided if you use some tools and components by installing them in your site, then you can make this little complicated step much easier. You need the entire dump of the database of your site. You can use the tools like LazyBackup or Joomlapack. These make the process easier. In a signle fast download, the complete site can be downloaded.
Uploading the site:
The new server now contains FTP and you can start uploading the files. Select a new database after ensuring that it does not contain other files. If something exists, a list of tables can be seen in the database. When you clikc Run, an empty text box appears and now copy and paste the text in this text box. When you have clicked done after this, you can see the contents filled in this new database and you can see a few tables.
You can also ask the host to install the database for you. If you are migrating your own host, then it is pretty simple task and you need not ask for phpadmin. All you need to do is to download and install it in your system. It is an open source project, which lets you run MySQL queries after you download it in your system. If you prefer to telnet into your system to run MySQL queries, then it is complicated process and it takes time.
How to update the configuration?
Now, update the  conbfiguration.php file in your site and upload it to your site again. Then update all the information pertaining to the database. This includes the new database you have created, its name, username and password. When you are done this, your site gets to server and starts running. Now, make it sure all the log directories and the temp folders match your site and change them to match the site if required. After updating, upload it to your new server and this keeps the site going. You will need to change the following variables:
$log_path- this is the path where the files are kept default.
$tmp_path – this is where the temporary files are saved.
$ftp_enable- keep this switched always
$ftp_port- this is the default value of the port
$ftp_pass- this is the password of your FTP account
$ftp_root- root level of the site
$user- username of the site
$password- password of the database
Update folder permissions:
A joomla 1.5x site with FTP need not require this step. If there are issues with your permissions, then you would be required to update folder permissions. All the folder permissions with 777 got to be changed to 755.