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How to Split a Long Article into Multiple Linked Pages?

Breaking up a lengthy article into smaller divisions is a very effective method for demonstrating content. For this purpose, Joomla has been found to be an efficient platform. By using Joomla, articles that are connected through the previous and next page navigation can be divided into multiple pages. Along with it, a table of contents area that is shown as a portion of the article can also be divided effectively. Here is a guide on how to split a long article into multiple linked pages.

In order to split a lengthy article into multiple linked pages, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. First of all, you need to select the Content -> Article Manager Option to reach the Article Manager. Then you are required to choose the Article and select the Edit toolbar option. Alternatively, you can also select the Add New Article option present in the Control Panel for this purpose. Or else, if you are logged in to the Front-end, then you can select the Edit toolbar option since you have got the required permissions to view the article that you want to edit.
  2. After that, you need to determine the region in the content where you want the first page to finish, by the help of the cursor.
  3. Then, you are required to select the Pagebreak editor option which is present at the lowermost region of the page. By clicking this, the Insert Pagebreak screen will appear.
  4. There, you need to enter the Page Title and Table of Contents alias as per the requirements. The page Title lets you to feed a sub title for the page which will be visible after the title of the article. And the Table of Contents Alias is given in order to provide an abbreviated name for the Table of Contents that will be shown as a portion of the page Article. If these sections are left blank, then the main article title will be used in place of the Page Title whereas in the case of Table of Contents, the link will be shown as Page #.
  5. After this step, you need to select the Insert Pagebreak option. By doing so, the screen will be closed and a horizontal rule will be added so that the location of the Pagebreak can be displayed. For terminating the Insert Pagebreak screen without adding a pagebreak, you need to select the X close option.
  6. You are required to repeat steps 2 to 5 for providing each Pagebreak. In order to discard a Pagebreak, you need to remove the horizontal rule by the help of the delete or backspace buttons.

However, once it is added, you cannot edit the Page Title and Table of Contents Alias by the help of content editor. So in such cases, for modifying the Pagebreak you can adopt any one of the below mentioned technique:

  1. You can either delete or re-insert the Pagebreak by the above mentioned process.
  2. Or you can edit the raw HTML of the article by the help of the editor and then customize the title and alt features of the relative <hr> HTML tag.

Hence, by following the above steps, you can split a long article into multiple linked pages conveniently.

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