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How to speed up the WordPress Site with CDN?

Do you think a content delivery network, CDN in short, can speed your WordPress site? If the answer is a negation, then you ought to know by implementing the CDN you can achieve the result. Yes, configure the CDN with Amazon Cloud Front, and Rack Space Cloud Files and the site is sped up. So, you need to get a picture of CDN for this. Here is a brief introduction to CDN and how to speed up the WordPress site with CDN.

W3 Total Cache Set Up:

  1. Install W3 Total Cache Plugin
  2. The tab called Performance opens
  3. Go to General section and configure CDN

There are a few things, you need to look into:

  1. Enable Minify and the mode has to be Manual
  2. Enable CDN and choose the option self hosted.
  3. Enable Rewrite in General section
  4. In HTML and XML Enable HTML Minify settings.
  5. Save all the settings.

Setting up the CDN as Amazon Cloud Front:

Sign up for Amazon web services. If you have an account already, simply login. Now sign up separately for S3 and CloudFront. Now go to WordPress installation and open W3 Total Cache’s General section. Now modify the self hosted selection to the Amazon Cloud Front  under the section origin pull. This makes sure the important files of your site are extracted by CDN. Save the changes.

Now open the CDN and fill in the configuration section with the Access Key ID and Secret Key. If you don’t know these, just go to My Account in Amazon and you can find the security credentials and access credentials, where the access key and the secret key are found. Now, the cloud front distribution is deployed. After the process is over, pull the important files to the library. Save the configuration and close. Log out from WordPress.

Setting up your CDN as RackSpace:

Sign up for a RackSpace cloud account. Select the RackSpace cloud in the CDN configuration section. Choose origin push. Remember, you need to upload the files yourself. You can make use of the plugins for uploading though. In the CDN configuration section fill in your Rackspace cloud account’s username. Login to and find the API key. Insert this API key. If you still have not got a key, in select Show key and copy it. To test this, click export files to media library. Upload all the files. The CDN function is turned on and the process is complete.

When you decide to set up CDN for the WordPress site or blog, you can do it with ease. Your site needs no time to load now, after this is done.

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