How to setup Youtube Video Gallery using Lightbox Content popup Joomla Module ?

Lightbox Content Popup Joomla Module (view on JED) can be used as create a youtube gallery and published inside a joomla module position or a joomla article. To publish the module inside joomla article you can use load position plugin . To know how to add module inside an article please check this . So now to setup lightbox content popup module as youtube video gallery follow the instruction below:

  1. Lightbox Content Popup is a  commercial joomla extension, you can only download it after you purchase it. Once you make the purchase you will receive a  ZIP pack containing all the versions of the extension. UNZIP the pack and read the README.txt file where you can get the information about the exact file to install.
  2. Install the using the joomla installer.
  3. Once you have installed it, go to module manager > Lightbox Content Popup.
  4. Under the General Tabs go to Content Settings and choose “Content Source” as “Manual Text”
  5. After you choose Manual Text, you will find the option to “Add Slide”.
  6. In the slide upload an image and mention the caption.(You can either choose only caption, only image or both to show)
  7. In the slide you will find a option called media. Select Media as Youtube.
  8. After selection add the URL of the Youtube video inside the text area. (check screenshots)
  9. In the module parameters choose whether you want to display the list horizontally or vertically. You can play with other options to make it look better. The options are clear and simple,you may not face issues with it.
  10. Repeat the above setup and publish the module.