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How to setup Google Store Maps using Lightbox Content Popup Module ?

Lightbox Content popup Module can be used to popup Google Maps.  You can either use image or a text to open a location inside a popup. Setting of a google store maps or location isn’t at all difficult. You can either publish the module in a module position or can have it inside a Joomla article.  A module can be loaded into a joomla article by using a content plugin called “Load Module”. The syntax for loading a module into a article is {loadposition your_custom_position}. So now, to setup lightbox content popup to open google maps when image or text is clicked, you can follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Once you have installed the module using Joomla installer, go to the module manager and click on Lightbox Content Popup.
  2. Then go to Content Settings in the General tab in the module parameters.
  3. Choose content source as “Manual Text” to find the option to add slides.
  4. Select the image and caption for the maps.
  5. Choose Media as “Google Maps”.
  6. Now, go to and search the location in the search bar. (check screenshot below)
  7. Once you find the correct location, copy the short URL as shown in the screenshot below.
  8. Paste the short URL into the module parameters .
  9. Repeat the steps and add slides  to have more than one locations.
  10. Publish the module to view it in the frontend.

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