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How to set up a Magento Store?

Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Developers prefer it because it’s an open source which means that they can customize it to their heart’s content. Big businesses prefer it because it’s powerful, and they’ve got enough to pay the $50,000+ annual fees for the Premium Enterprise subscription. So, Magento is perfect for global brands, who can hire a team of developers to put together an eCommerce store that precisely fits their needs and requirements and who’ve got the budget for Magento Enterprise. So here is how to set up a Magento store.

Sign up to Magento store

  •  Check out Magento: Head over to the Magento website and take a look around the Magento store as there you can click-through to the websites of leading brands which use Magento. By seeing these sites you will know what’s possible using this powerful platform and will they meet your requirements or not.
  • Fill Out Your Business Details: You’ll now be asked to enter your name, username, password, phone number and location. Fill out the form, and click Create my store. You are accepting Magento Go’s terms of service when you click this button.
  • Head to the Design Interface: In your store’s quick start wizard, move your mouse over the Design menu option which is the third item in the menu. Click Select & Customize your design in the submenu that opens. This will open a small window explaining how Magento themes work. Click continue, which will take you to the Theme Editor.
  • Choose Your Theme:Click customize, when you’ve found a theme .You’ll also be asked to give the theme a name. You can also add a theme description and thumbnail optionally.
  • Head Over to Magento Go: Click GO in the top menu bar of the website. This will take you to the Magento Go homepage. Magento Go gives you a thirty-day free trial period for which you don’t have to provide credit card details to take advantage, and during the trial period you’ll have a fully functioning store.
  • Name Your Store:  You’ll be asked to pick you store name next. You can change the name later. Enter your email address, and then click Let’s Go.
  • Wait for an Email: It will take Magento Go a couple of minutes to set up your store and when it’s done, they’ll send you an email.

Choose Your Store Design

  • Browse the Themes:  Browse through the thirty themes which are present by default to choose the one you like. Select the Preview button beneath the theme thumbnail to take a close look at a theme.
  • Edit Your Theme: You can customize your theme by selecting the relevant option in the side menu.
  • Save and Apply: Lastly, click Save and Apply in the top menu to fully install your theme. Visit your store to see your theme in action.

Add Products

  • Open the products page and choose the product type: Return to the quick start wizard, select Create New Products under the Products menu and click continue. Next, you’ll be asked for an Attribute Set and whether you want to use Complex Product Types. The Complex Product Types option lets you list virtual products, configurable products, gift cards, bundled products, and grouped products.
  • Complete Product Details: You’ll now be asked to complete the product details which include the product name, SKU, description, delivery details, and weight. Click save and continue once you are done.
  • Add Prices and Images: Click Prices in the left hand menu in order to add a price to your product. Complete the required fields, which includes tax class, then click Save and Continue Edit. Click Images in the left hand menu to add product images. Select Browse Files to add an image from your computer. Then click save and continue edit.


Payments and Shipping:

You’ll need to set up Payment and Shipping options before you launch your store. You can do this by clicking the Start My Store button in the top left.

Launch Your Store:

Select Launch Your Store in the Get Going menu. Click Go in the dialog box that appears.


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