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How to set up a Blog in Magento?

It is not difficult to set up a blog in Magento but this functionality is not included by default and you will have to use a custom extension to add it. Magento Connect can be searched for an extension that will fully suit your needs. One of the most popular free extensions that one can use is the Edition. All Magento extensions are installed in a similar way. You will have one additional section in the top menu of your Magento admin area called Blog once the extension is installed. You can easily adjust the newly-installed Blog settings, add posts from there. Read through to know how to set up a blog in Magento.

Following steps are used to set up a blog in Magento using Magento Blog-Community Edition.

Download the blog extension:

First of all you have to sign-up for the Aheadworks portal. For doing so they even give free credit and more if you subscribe to their newsletter. Visit once signed up and then download the blog extension.

Prepare for the blog extension

Firstly we need to stop compilation in Magento

a)      Log into Magento’s admin area

b)       Select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Compilation’ from the ‘System’ menu option.

c)       If enabled disable Compilation else do not change

Now we need to clear the caches.

a)      Select ‘Cache Management’ from the ‘System’ menu option

b)       Flush all your caches.

Backup your files and MySQL database

Make a backup of your MySQL database and Magento CMS files in case something goes wrong. It might take a while, but it is worth the effort.

Install the blog extension

a)      From the blog extension you downloaded earlier uncompress the files.

b)       Upload the contents of the folder using an ftp client to the root of your Magento installation. If you don’t use the default theme, rename to reflect the theme you do use.

c)        Upload the contents of the folder to the root as well if using other extensions.

Configure the blog

To configure the blog extension select ‘Settings’ from the ‘Blog’ menu selection in the administration menu.

As we know there are many ways by which one can set a blog in Magento.We have already discussed about setting up a blog using Magento Blog-Community Edition. Another way of setting a blog is by using Lazzymonks Blog Extension for Magento. Below are the specific steps for setting it up.

Setup Blog in Magento

First go to the extension page in order to grab the extension key. Now input the extension key in your Magento Extensions manager to install. This will install the extension package and put files in your directory. If you are not using Mgento’s default template , than you need to copy the folder ‘blog’ from app/design/frontend/default/default/template/blog to where ever your theme is. Also do the same for blog.xml from app/design/frontend/default/default/layout. Your blog will show up as a blank page if you miss this step. A new menu item in your admin called Blog will appear where you can create categories and blog posts. Go to System >> Configuration >> Blog – here you can customize the main blog settings such as layout etc.

The blog system can not only be used to update clients and prospects, but also to increase the SEO activities. It is a well put together and powerful blog extension, which also allows Meta tags to be included for individual blog posts.

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