How to Purchase SSL Certificate for Your Magento Store

ECommerce websites involve money transactions between customers and online stores. To ensure that the complete transaction process is safe and secure, store owners must assure their customers. They can do so by purchasing an SSL certificate from a reliable SSL provider. An SSL certificate verifies that all the transactions are carried under an encrypted secure socket layer (SSL). This tutorial will help you in purchasing and adding an SSL Certificate for your online Magento store. Follow the steps given below to buy an SSL certificate from an SSL provider.

Steps to Purchase an SSL Certificate for Magento Store

  • Log in to your Magento store backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Account dashboard in my Magento Go section, find the listing for your store
  • Next, click the Purchase SSL button
  • Under the SSL Product section, carry out the following steps:
  1. Select the SSL Provider you wish to get the SSL Certificates from
  2. Mention whether you like to purchase Extended Validation
  3. Specify the Duration /  Term of the license  of your SSL certificate
  4. Click the Next button to proceed further
  • Complete all the fields under the Organizational Info section. They are listed as:
  1. Enter the First Name & Last Name of the business owner
  2. Mention the Main Phone Number required to contact the owner or the person in charge
  3. Enter the company’s name under the Business / Store Name field
  4. Enter the Title & Email address of the person identified as the organizational contact
  5. Specify the address of the organization under the Organizational Address field
  6. Enter the City, State/ Province and Zip/ Postal code. Select the Organizational Country.
  • Next, complete the Admin Contact section with the contact info. Of the person who administers the day to day tasks of the online store.
  • Click Continue button at the bottom of the section
  • Under the SSL Payment Information section, select the payment method you wish to use.
  • After verifying the details, click the Continue button to proceed
  • In the SSL Order Review section, verify the certificate options and the information you entered
  • Next, click Place Order button

Using this procedure you can purchase an SSL Certificate for your store. But before hitting the Place Order button, ensure that you have entered the correct contact information. It is because these addresses will be checked by the SSL Provider before granting you the SSL Certificate.