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How To Monetize WordPress Blog – Essential Tips To Consider

Are wondering how to monetize your blogs on WordPress?

Well, monetizing WP blogs is math, not magic!

One thing that most of the bloggers or WordPress struggle with is how to monetize their Blog Posts. Getting loyal Blog Traffic in itself is a difficult task. On top of that; maintaining quality contents is another prime concern for the bloggers. Almost every blogger start their blogs on WP with one intention – make Lot Of Money. But the Monetization Method for a WordPress blog is complex. It should be different for each blog post. And knowing exactly where and how to get started with monetizing processes can be a challenge.

Right Time To Monetize A WP Blog

Well, there is no tangible number out there for how much organic traffic you’re receiving for your blogging site. There are also not certain criteria for how large your targeted email list should be to monetize blogs. Sometimes, monetizing blog posts depends on what you advertise or sell and how you advertise and sell. However, considering two essential things can straighten out the methods, i.e.:

Getting Steady Traffic

You don’t need millions of readers or visitors for your post every day. But having at least one thousand loyal visitors per month for your blogs means you’re going in the right way. Retaining faithful visitors means that your blogs are having more exposure.

Growing Email List

You shouldn’t be so crazy to have millions of registered email ids. With a small, yet loyal and steady email subscribers can help to grow your blogging site. A growing email list with loyal subscribers is enough to monetize your site.

Have Strategic & Realistic Goals

Starting A Blog and monetizing it requires strong strategies. And, you need to align those tactics with your goal to gain maximum results. There is nothing magical with blog monetization. So, do not expect any overnight success because there are no magical shortcuts. Thus, tone down your goals to a more strategic and realistic level. You need to proceed with experimental and tactical approaches for blog monetization. This article is all about guiding you about the best strategies to monetize your WP Blogs. Below are some solid strategies to generate more revenue from your WP blogs in diverse niches.

Tips To Monetize WordPress Blog

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the easiest way to earn money from a WordPress Site. AdSense is Google-powered Ad Networks that allows bloggers to display image, text, and rich media ads on your blog posts. The ads on AdSense are automatically besieged at your site’s content. It is easy to set up, but the potential for earning money is limited. Each click for the Displaying Ads earning will vary.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Programs are the most popular methods for Monetize A Blog. It is useful for newbie bloggers who don’t have their Products Or Services to sell. You need to develop contents to automatically accord with every affiliate offer; you’ve planned to push out. If you’re running a fashion blog; you can easily Sell Products and affiliate fashion items to build a semi-automated torrent of passive income.

Displaying Ads

In compared to PPC ads; Displaying Ads helps you gain more money. It lets you negotiate the advertising terms directly with advertisers. You can choose the ads and Affiliate Links that are within your specific niche or industry. It allows you to negotiate for a more competitive price with advertisers than the standard PPC ads. You can sell direct ads on your page for higher incomes.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a reliable go-to source for most bloggers’ income. Having a strong list of loyal subscribed can let you generate a sizable amount of money through blog posts. Marketing for your products and services along with affiliation with others directly through email is a good way of monetizing blogs. With well-planned Email Marketing tactics; you can earn around $1 per subscriber for each month.

Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are a good source of blog monetization. You can make some good amount of money by publishing paid reviews on various Digital Products, products, and services. You can demand a different amount of money for different reviews. The average amount you can demand reviews is $150 to $500. Of course, it depends on your blogging site’s rank and quality of incoming traffic, and your niche.

Sponsored or Pre-Written Posts

You can publish Sponsored Posts on WordPress to earn extra money. A sponsored post is a content that promotes a detailed service or product. And sponsoring the content means you’re encouraging the company or individual who sells or provides it. Subsidizing others’ contents on your blog posts or sites involve showing ads and contents that are relevant and useful to your readers.

Custom Search Engines

Custom Search Engines is an advanced way of monetizing blogs on WP. It helps your readers to find content on your site. Custom and integrated search box pay you back whenever a user clicks on the sponsored advertisement shown within the search results. You can have blog themes with an integrated search box or a custom search engine for long-term benefits.

Selling Merchandises or E-Books

Selling custom merchandises and e-books is another easy way to earn money from your WP blogs. If you have a lot of readers and supporters, they will surely be willing to buy your custom products; having your blog’s name or logo on them. You can sell personalized T-shirts, mouse pads, posters, and mugs on your site. 1-2 pages e-books can drive a lot of money to your site.

Online Course Creation

Online courses are trending income source for bloggers these days. If you want to make money from your blogs, then online course and curriculum creation is the best way. You can create cooking courses, health and fitness courses, and online gaming courses, etc. according to your niche. You can build new and creative courses around your passion or skill. The average charge for one online course should be $100.

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