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How to modify Joomla content?

Joomla site offers more advantages over a static site. It is easy to update the site and this is a database driven site. This means that creating a backup of the site is easy. All the user has to do is to create a back up of the database and this implies that no data in the site are lost. Also, a Joomla site never requires the users to pay when the content is modified. Before you know how to edit or modify the content in a Joomla site, you need to know that Joomla has two types of contents. The usual contents and the static content are the 2 different types you can find in Joomla. The static content remains same and these content are not classified into any category. Also, the static content will never be syndicated. That means the content will not be passed to any other site, even if the syndication feature is turned on.

Now, here is the process that tells you how to create a new content for the Joomla site and place the same in the menu. So read through to know how to modify Joomla content.

Adding Content:

To begin with you need to login to your Joomla site and then go to the administrator area of your site. You can find the rows of menus on the top. You can find along these rows, the content and you need to choose it. A drop down menu of the content can be found and you need to click the option all contents from the drop down menu. Now, the content’s list is scrolled down. When the list is loaded, just click ‘New ‘ on the top of the page. Here it is mandatory to type a title. This is because, the title and the menu gets displayed in the home page of your Joomla site. However, the area named alias need not be filled and can stay blank. You can find another drop down menu named section and you need to choose the option News. Next, go to the category drop down menu. Here choose the option, latest news. You will have reached the editing area by now. Just type what you want to include. If you want to insert a new paragraph, just hit shift + enter.

Adding images:

Now, you can also add images to the content. After inserting the images, you can add links to the menu. There are many tabs on the top of the page, where you can find terms like parameters, images and publishing. You will find a tab named link to menu, click it. Click at the frog, in the list of menus. Be careful not to click on others, as it may cause disruption. You can now assign a name to the link something relevant to the page you add. Now, you can click Link to Menu and click the disk icon to save the changes.

Editing the site content:

If you want to edit the existing content, you can do that even without having to login the administrative area. You need to login to your site and click the icons that look like pencil and paper. Now, you will reach the editing area. While you make the changes, you need to keep saving on and off, by clicking on the check mark button at the top of the editing area. To save the changes, click the disk icon. If you have dial up connection, do this from the backend area to avoid changes left unsaved when the connection is terminated. Click the content menu and choose all the contents, and click an item. Make changes and save the changes.

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