How to Insert Read More link in Joomla Articles?

In the blog roll of many Joomla websites and blogs you may have come across the Read More links. Visitors can view the entire content only after clicking on the Read More button, just like in our blog section. Ofcourse, you can customize the button and enter any text to be displayed on it, other than ‘Read More’ as well. Here is how to Insert Read More link in Joomla 2.5 Articles.

This tutorial is all about adding a Read More link in Joomla articles. It is a handy guide for weblogs where there are number of articles. Using Read More feature of Joomla, you can display a series of articles with a small abstract. It prevents excessive scrolling and gives the website a less clumsy look.

Steps to Add Read More Link in Joomla Articles:

  • Log in to your Joomla backend after entering the correct credential
  • Open the article you wish to edit or work with. You can do this by hovering on the Content tab in the top menu and clicking the Content Manager. Next, use the Filter feature to find the article.
  • Place the cursor inside the article content, where you wish to add the Read More link.
  • Click the Read More button under the article editor. You will notice a red line added to your article. The content below this line will be clipped and the portion above it will only be visible. To view the complete article a visitor needs to click on the ‘Read More’ button provided in the frontend.
  • Click the Save button to add the Read more link and save the changes made.

If you see the HTML code for your article, you will notice the following code:

<hr id="system-readmore" />

This is the equivalent replacement of the red line or the Read More link in Joomla. You can place this line of code in the HTML view of the article, instead of using the above procedure as well. And on toggling the editor you will notice the red line.