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How to fix SEO issues in WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content-management system(CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web. It has a web template system using a template processor. Read through to know how to fix SEO issues in WordPress.

There a lot of WordPress SEO Problems. Lets see how you can fix them:

1. Not having Unique tags: Every Page does not have a unique meta or h1 tags or they have the same h1 or meta tags on every page. Each page on your website specially your homepage needs its own unique set of meta tags. This can include keywords, title and description, all different . You should stick to 5 to 7 words for the title or h1 tag- include an exact 3 or 4 keyword phrase in there so that people can search there.

2. h1 tags used incorrectly: WordPress themes either don’t use the h1 tag properly or they don’t use it at all. To fix this, add an h1 tag with the appropiate page title in it somewhere on the page, before the content begins. Also in some themes main blog title is hq and the post titles is h2.

3. Unimportant Links on the homepage: Every site has unimportant links on the homepage. You should keep the link on your homepage under 40 which is a good rule of thumb, no more than 20 is even much better. For example, Google ranks a limited number of posts from low PR websites so it is better to push the important parts of your site and remove links to the less important pages.

4. No alt text: There are no alt text on your images. It is important to add alt text to your images so that they can be searched easily on the search engines. So, make sure you add an alternate description to each image you upload using the visual editor.

5. Duplicate Content: If you are having content on your website that have been published earlier then there is a chance that you can get punished with a duplicate content penalty. If you really want to leave  the content on your site , add a <META NAME=”ROBOTS” CONTENT=”NOINDEX”/> tag to the header of the page that is having a duplicate content. This tag tells the search engines not to spider that page.

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