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How to fix Magento issues?

Magento is not much complicated, and so is setting an ecommerce site with Magento. Not many problems occur in Magento, and here are a quite few and solutions to fix them. Read through to know how to fix Magento issues.

Configuring Magento To Work With New Admin:

First you need to edit the Magento database. For this,

  • Go to cPanel
  • Select PhpMyAdmin
  • From the left menu select the Magento database of yours
  • You will find core_config_data and click on it
  • Click browse tab
  • Create a new name for your Magento and replace the old name with the new one
  • Save the changes
  • Clear Magento Cache

Deleting the caches is the best solution for clearing most of the Magento issues.

How to reset Magento Admin password?

To change the Magento Password:

  • Go to cPanel-> phpMyAdmin
  • Select the Magento database
  • Click SQL tab
  • Paste the following query, UPDATE admin_user SET password=CONCAT(MDS(‘sGnewpass’), ‘:SG’) WHERE username=’AdminUsername’;

How to enable SEO friendly URLS in Magento:

Log into the administrator area. Click on the configuration button. You can find switch to web page option under the system navigation menu. Click it. Blue lines appear when the page loads. Click on the search engine optimization tab. Mark yes for the option, Use Web Server Rewrites. Save Config button can be found and click on it. Now, the Magento SEF URL is found.

Speeding up Magento:

Slow performance is the main issue with Magento. Using compilation function is the most recommended solution to speed up Magento. You can see that the page loads 50 to 60 percent faster with this use of compilation function. You can easily enable this using the following method.

  • Go to Magento admin panel
  • Choose System
  • Choose Tools
  • Choose Compilation

Redirecting Magento:

Open .htaccess file to redirect Magento to open through WWW. Save the .htaccess file and log into the Magento admin access area. Go to System and then Configuration menu. You can see this on the left panel. Click the web button.

Save the changes and you can see that now Magento starts working from your domain.

Disabling Compare Products Functionality:

Follow these steps:

Go to edit app -> code -> core->mage -> catalog -> helper -> product -> compare.php and make changes at the appropriate places in the codes.

Then, go to edit./app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/catalog.XML and make changes in the code.

After you have done the changes, flush magento cache.

Access denied issue in Magento:

Log out of the admin area, and log in again. This is a solution to the issue of the access being denied in Magento. When you find this does not offer much help, then reset the admin privileges of magento. For this,

  • Go to admin area
  • Choose system-> permission-> roles -> administrators

Now, click on the role resources, and you can find this option in the left menu. Ensure that the Resources Access is selected as set to all. Then click on the save role button. The permission privileges are now reset.

A default contact form is available in Magento. However, if you want to add the same on any page,

  • Log into the administrator area
  • Go to CMS
  • Choose pages
  • Select the page you want to edit or create a new page
  • Insert the appropriate code and save the changes.

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