How to Find a Simple Website Builder for Your Web Project

Is that a small business project, a startup or a large corporation that you belong to? No matter what answer you provide for this question, one thing is certain – you need to bring it to the web. Launching personal or a business site is half the way to the success of your business. However, before you get your site up and running, how can you create it?

There are plenty of ways to build the official web page for your project. It goes without saying that you can always hire a freelancer or a web design studio that will get the job done for you. This is one of the most expensive ways of the site creation, in fact. Also, you can spend some time learning the web design and programming basics to make an attempt to build a site on your own. This will take more time and (most likely) you will need the assistance from the skilled web design professionals at a certain step of your way. So, is there an alternative option? Definitely! Never miss a chance to use a simple website builder that will help you build a unique web page without extra time and efforts.

The modern-day web includes plenty of choices of website builders of different levels of difficulty, price, and functionality. If you just start taking your first steps in the site development niche, then you should better opt for a simple website builder that can be handled even by the non-techies. How to find one? We are here to give you the answer.

How to Choose the Best Simple Website Builder

In order to make the right choice of the best website builder tools that will take you through all the steps of your site creation, give answers to the following questions:

  • What type of online resource do you want to build?
  • What functionality do you want it to contains?
  • What’s your budget?

Let’s explain what stands behind each of them.

When you decide to launch a personal site or a blog, then it doesn’t have to be stuffed with multiple design elements and all types of content imaginable. Such a web resource should make a clear statement of who you are, what ideas you follow or what message you would like to deliver to your visitors.

The situation is different with business sites. Such web projects serve a range of different purposes at a time. For example, these are used to introduce a company to the customers, reveal the inventory or services being provided, let the users ask quick questions or place orders, etc.

If you want to sell something online, then you will need to look for the more complex solutions that are tailored to match eCommerce purposes exclusively.

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When it comes to the selection of the features for your future site, that’s always a great idea to see what your competitors offer, get inspired by their example, and deliver something more useful and valuable on your own site. For example, the following checklist will help you come up with the ultimate list of features that you can find in the popular simple website builders.

  • For the effective promotion and optimization of your future site, your simple website builder needs to include SEO and Analytics tools or simply be compatible with them.
  • Is email marketing included in your brand promotion strategy? Then consider using a site builder that allows you to manage email list, create and edit email template, see how recipients interact with emails, etc.
  • If you want to create a multi-author blog or an online educational platform, then you will need to give them a chance to create private accounts on your site.
  • We bet you’ll need to keep track of your site’s performance. So, choosing a simple website builder that supports Google Analytics or a similar functionality is always a great idea.
  • What come next after your site goes live? You will need to maintain it, keeping up-to-date. That’s why choosing a simple website builder featuring regular updates is extremely important. This will keep your site secure and deliver new features to you every once in a while.

And finally, how much time and money can you invest in the simple website builder for your future online project? Personal sites shouldn’t be costly. These only need to share information and let you get in touch with visitors once in a while. A business website has more functions to perform. So, it requires more budget to be built in the sleek and professional manner.

Top 5 Simple Website Builders to Consider

Below, you can find 5 of the most popular simple website builders that are being actively used by beginner and expert webmaster worldwide. Take a look at them and make your personal choice of the #1 favorite.

MotoCMS Website Builder

The drag-and-drop website builder can be handled without any design or coding skills. You simply select a ready-made design that matches your topics and purchase it. In addition to the responsive and feature-rich template, you are provided with a range of widgets, working forms, detailed instructions, and free 24/7 support.

Price: starting from $199


Strikingly is used for the development of single-page sites with the main focus on the visual presentation. The simple website builder doesn’t let you customize the HTML or CSS code. All changes are made in the visual mode, using dozens of templates from the library. Domain names, social media options, blogging and eCommerce functionality, analytics, and other tools are bundled.

Price: starting from $96


Weebly page builder has been in the market for more than a decade. This is a well-established page builder that includes its own CMS and website statistics. The builder provides you with the possibility to modify the code and even migrate your site to WordPress. It will appeal to both beginners and expert webmasters. The free plan allows you to try how the core functionality of the theme works on your own before making the decision to migrate to any of the premium plans.

Price: starting from $48/year


Using SquareSpace, you can create elegant and professional web pages without any coding skills at all. Unlike other simple website builder, SquareSpace doesn’t include a free plan. It features a built-in blogging platform that’s intended to handle the unlimited number of posts perfectly well. Similar to any different page builder, SquareSpace provides a Business Plan, which contains eCommerce functionality. Apart from a number of advantages, the page builder includes some drawbacks. For example, there is no hosting provided. The export functionality is limited as well.

Price: starting from $144/year


Webflow is different from all the aforementioned solutions. It targets the professional designers mainly. A popular Photoshop alternative, it makes it really quickly and intuitively for designers to static websites. The builder doesn’t let you integrate a dynamic blog or eCommerce solution into your site. All this should be achieved while exporting the code and using it as the foundation for a WP-based web project.

Price: starting from $192/year


The choice of website builders is striking on the modern-day web. There are solutions that can match every budget and the purpose of use. In order to make the right choice of the simple website builder that will meet your personal needs ideally, focus on:

  • the type of site you want to build;
  • the time and money that you can spend;
  • the tools set that it should feature.

Hope this post helped you realize how to select the best website builder for your personal or business site!