Wordpress Tips and Tricks

How to edit WordPress themes?

WordPress themes can be customized easily and if you want to have custom WordPress themes just like the experts in the fields or the designers never think it is going to be a task that is impossible for you to do. You can also see that when you have your own WordPress theme, you can see your site is developed faster. You can also see that the customizing and editing the WordPress themes is not as tough as it is always assumed. However, you need to know why it is important to modify the same at the first place. You need a unique design for your website, and this makes sure that the brand reaches the audience. Your message will reach the target audience, easier and faster with a unique web design. Here is how to edit WordPress themes.

There are many products and services online and they use the same images and designs. This is going to do you no good. Distinguishing the theme you use from the competitors is, a great way to improve business and add to brand value.

Customizing WordPress Theme:

It is also significant that you know the basics about the structure of a WordPress theme and how it works, before you learn about customizing. There are many PHP files, or the template files they are popularly known as, in a page. So, if you are viewing a single screen, there are many template files. The front page of WordPress itself uses template files like index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, and footer.php.

These files are responsible for offering the overall look of the site. The structure of the template files goes as follows. It is in the header, the logo, menu, title and other details that usually sit on the top of the site are placed. The sidebar has left and right portions options, content the main body, and footer, the bottom of the page.

You can customize the WordPress theme using CSS style customizing or PHP customizing.

  • Login to the admin area
  • Go to theme -> custom file editor
  • Choose Appearance Editor- you can customize default style of the editor this way.

When you have done the changes, you can place the company’s logo in the header. You need to decide on the size of the logo. For this, some code changes are to be done. For instance, a big logo requires a few codes to be removed.

To customize the functions, you can check the compilation of all the functions in custom-fucntions.php. Here you can add a new layout, a new design to plugin and much more.

Updating the theme, is done only when a new version of plugin framework and theme itself come out. To customize the theme:

  • Make a note of the customized files
  • Copy codes at custom file folder to the local drive
  • Copy all codes from custom-fucntions.php
  • Download the new version of the theme
  • Break down the files you have customized. This needs time and you got to be patient
  • Copy paste the functions for new themes
  • Upload the new theme activate
  • Now, when you run the site, the customized theme is updated.