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How to display related posts/ searches option in WordPress?

As a blogger or a website owner you would always love to sway in the applaud of your fans while sleeping on a bed of notes. But ” If wishes were horses, beggars would ride“, life does not give you success for nothing or doing something moderate , it offers you a toffee only when you earn it either with your hard labor or by an innovative thought.So get set to be the king of the internet world with the new success mantra of the world. Well the success magic mantra which can easily end your problems of dealing with competition is what we are going to be enlightened in the next few moments. So stay glued to your smart boxes and lend me your eyes. Here is how to display related posts/ searches option in WordPress.

Well the magic trick is not as complex as you anticipate it to be, it is as simple as “Collaboration” as it is aptly said that “Why should one make enemies when friendship can easily solve your purpose!” Or in other words it simply means adding a related post & getting redirected from it. By adding related posts in WordPress, you are killing three birds with one stone:

  • You are decreasing your bounce rate
  • You are increasing your overall income and lastly
  • You are increasing your page views

So when you know the success mantra, then it’s always wise to know how to utilize it for your use. There are two ways of achieving this magic trick:

  •  Through various codes easily available online
  •  By YARP method

The first method is an easy method where you need to copy a code from various programmers online and log in to your own account and then post it in your blog or website and similarly on the related post or sites wall. This when approved by the person using the other post, website or blog by repeating the same code on your wall shows your blog / website / post as a related post on his post / website /  blog and vice versa.

In the second or more famous method that is popularly called YARP method or yet another Related Plugin method, you need to follow certain steps only once and then only approve as per your wish and requirements.

  •  An advanced and versatile algorithm: Using a customizable algorithm considering post titles, content, tags, and categories, YARP calculates a “match score” for each pair of posts on your blog. You choose the threshold limit for relevance and you get more related posts if there are more related posts and less if there is less.
  • Templating: A new templating system puts you in charge of how your posts are displayed.
  • Caching: YARP caches the related posts for all the posts and thus has significantly improved performance over versions by two times.
  • Related posts in RSS feeds: It also displays related posts in your RSS and Atom feeds with custom display options.
  • Disallowing certain tags or categories: You can also choose certain tags or categories as barred, meaning any page or post with such tags or categories will not be served up by the plugin. This can be used for serious issues like censor.
  • Related posts and pages: This final step puts you in control of pulling up related posts, pages, or even both.

With all these methods and even more you can also make your related posts attractive with thumbnails and other designs. So start on this new path and enjoy success with the power of collaboration.