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How to Display, Hide & Preview Magento Callout Button

Callout Button in Magento StoresMagento content management system (CMS) by default adds a free shipping button under the website header. For this reason most Magento run online stores display the button. But if you wish you can turn off the callout button in your Magento store.

Using some simple steps you can turn on the free shipping callout button once again. This blog post will help Magento store owners to display, hide and preview the callout button.

Steps to Turn Off the Callout Button in Magento Stores

  • Log in to the Admin Panel after entering the proper credentials
  • From your Magento backend, select CMS > Pages > Manage Content
  • In the URL key column of Manage Content page look for the ‘home’ record
  • Click ‘Design’ in the left panel under page information
  • In the ‘Layout Update XML’ text box on the page layout tab, comment out the top.container
  • Click ‘Save Page’ to save the changes made

Steps to Turn On the Callout Button in Magento Stores

  • Go back to Admin Panel in your Magento backend
  • Select CMS > Pages > Manage Content
  • Click to open the Home page with the URL key ‘home’
  • Click ‘Design’ in the left panel under Page Information
  • In ‘Layout Update XML’ text box, remove the comments from <reference name = “top.container”> block

After successfully switching off the callout button using the above steps, the free shipping message is no longer displayed in your Magento store.

Preview Changes Made to the Callout Button

Whether the callout button in your Magento store is switched off or switched on, ensure it by previewing the changes made. You can preview the changes made to the callout button using any of the following two methods:

  1. Either visit your Magento website to see the changes made
  2. Preview using the following way:
  • From the Admin Panel, select Design > Theme Editor
  • Click the ‘Preview’ button for your theme

If you are unable to show or hide the callout button in your Magento shopping cart using the above mentioned steps, then Request a Quote. Our Magento support staff will be in touch with you within minutes and sort out the problem.

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