How to Create an Article in Joomla?

We write new article when actually a new page is created which helps you to make your Joomla web page more attractive in the user point of view. As Joomla is referred to as content management system (CMS) can able to create new websites and blogs for developing a unique websites as it also allows you to manage all your content in convenient manner. Here is how to Create Your First Article in Joomla CMS.

Writing content in Joomla CMS is fun and easy. You can compose an article just like in MS Word, with some additional features. You can also use the Paste from Word button inorder to preserve the format. This tutorial will assist you in creating a new article in your Joomla website.

Steps to Compose New Articles in Joomla CMS

  • Log into your Administration page of Joomla Dashboard
  • From the top menu, under Content ,hover over to the Article Manager and then click to Add New Article
  • Then next move to article and give a title for your  article
  • Next move to Category  to which your article should belongs to
  • Then next type your full article in the content page and as Joomla uses WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) which it mean you can access to normal formatting features such as bold and text-align.
  • Then to publish your article, click on the Save button in top menu.

This is the most recommended way to create new article in Joomla 2.5 version. If you are unable to compose a new article for your Joomla website or blog, follow the above the steps once again carefully. You can also request a quote with us .Our team of Joomla service providers will assist you to create a new article for your Joomla run website.