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How to create newsletter in WordPress?

As we can observe that more and more site now a days are adding the newsletter service to their site or blog, so that their subscriber or user can get the updated information and updates on that site, which they can miss if they forget to open the site and it contains some useful tips for their subscriber. Here is how to create newsletter in WordPress.

There are many newsletter services like Aweber, most popular and recommended one, but they are paid one for their users. The idea that we are presenting has got no comparability with the featured service of the paid service provider like Aweber, and you can’t consider this system as the best. Our idea is to provide bloggers a functional and affordable procedure to create newsletter by taking the service of an open source system that we all like, WordPress.

Step 1 – Add a New Category

In the very first step of following  tutorial, we will need to create a new category for our posts in WordPress. We may create a new category by opening Posts > Categories Tab in our WordPress admin panel. We can rename the category anything we want.

One of the things which we need to take sure that we do is to note the given category ID of this new category that we made. It will be very important that we know this ID. Through out this explanation, we will be using the argument [Replace with your Category Id] and where ever we find this tag, we must change it with the category ID of the given new category.

Firstly go to Posts > Categories. Bring the mouse over the category which we created and then observe at the status bar.

So for this example, the category ID of the category that  we created is 10. Please make sure that we replace each code that get to looks like this [Replace with our Category Id] with our category ID.

Step 2 – Excluding Category From the given List

Many time  blogs have a content of categories in their sidebar, header, archive pages, footer and different places kepping on the design. Our goal is in step 2 is to get out our Email Newsletter category from all given category content. In other way, we are keeping  our category, so it is unavailable to other viewers of the page because the content in this section is only for Newsletter Subscribers. We will need to check in our template and find where the category list is present mostly sidebar.php. Then Find the similar code:

<?php absa_list_category('&title_li=<h2>Categories</h2>'); ?>

And change it with

<?php absa_list_categoriy('exclude=[Replace with your Category Id]&amp;title_li=<h2>Categories</h2>;'); ?>

Make sure to insert given category ID in this code. Many themes have the above code in different files as given, so you must check where your categories are getting displayed and replace it with the above one.

Now none of the user can see the category from the given list.