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How to Create and Upload Joomla Flash Logo in Websites?

Create Joomla Flash Logo for Your WebsiteIn one of our earlier articles, we discussed about how to change default Joomla logo. Here, for interested users we will be cover, how to create and upload Joomla flash logo in websites with 2.5 version. This tutorial requires no technical knowledge, all you have to do is edit the code in the template.css folder, at the locations which have been marked as ‘<!– CORRECTION –>.

But before you edit the template.css file, ensure that you have made a backup of your template.css file. So that if in case you alter any of the codes you don’t wish to, you can start one again by using the backup file.

Easy Steps to Create Joomla Flash Logo for Your Website:

  • Using FTP, go to template.css file in the CSS folder of your Joomla template
  • Change the lines of code which have been marked by the comment line ‘<!– CORRECTION –>’
  • Check whether the flash file has been uploaded to images/flash folder, otherwise upload it.
  • Make the following corrections / changes to the template.css file
#ja-headerwrap {
 background: #990000;
 color: #990000;
 line-height: normal;
 height: 200px; <!-- CORRECTION -->
#ja-header {
position: relative;
 height: 200px; width: 600px;
.ja-headermask {
 width: 602px;
 display: block;
 background: url(../images/header-mask.png) no-repeat top right;
 height: 200px;
#ja-header a {
 color: #990000;
h1.logo, h1.logo-text {
 margin: 0 0 0 5px;
 padding: 0;
 font-size: 180%;
 text-transform: uppercase;
/*  insert flash instead of image ../images/logo.png*/
 h1.logo a {
 width: 610px;
 display: block;
 background: url(../images/flash/myjoomlaflashlogo.swf) no-repeat;
  • Next, go to index.php of the template and make the following changes:

getParam('logoText'))=='') ? $config->sitename : $tmpTools->getParam('logoText');
$sloganText = (trim($tmpTools->getParam('sloganText'))=='') ? JText::_('SITE SLOGAN') : $tmpTools->getParam('sloganText’);
  • Don’t forget to save the changes made

This way you can create and display a flash logo instead of the default Joomla logo in your website.

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