Wordpress Tips and Tricks

How to Convert HTML to WordPress?

There are not much aids available when you want to convert your HTML designs to WordPress. Here is the complete guide to help you in converting a static HTML template to WordPress. This is complete and easy, so that even a novice can try creating a WordPress theme from the HTML template. However, if you want to find this bit of information understandable and comprehensive, then you need to have a complete knowledge on HTML and CSS. You can also get started if you know the basics. To start with, you need to assume that a website written in CSS and HTML is ready for conversion. Read through to know how to convert HTML to WordPress.

Installing WordPress in a back end folder:

This is not only to convert HTML to WordPress. This is also very useful to increase the site’s security. Internet is full of hackers who keep accessing secured and private data for their profits. When a site is installed as usual in the public_html folder, then it is visible to the hackers,  and the security threats are higher. This is what the automatic installation does. You need to start with naming your WordPress folder in cryptic forms. This is to ensure that the name cannot be guessed.

An example to name your site is,

Now, if you think if this is not relevant to what your site sells, advertises or poses to the online public. This is because this cryptic name is just for the admin purposes. This can be seen only when you or your staff login the site.  This is not for the public to view.

Create your website:

When you complete the first step of installing WordPress in the background, you can start creating your site. You can start customizing the site with the content you wish to. If you do not know how to build the WordPress site, you have 3 options. One is to do it yourself by learning. Google it and it will teach you. This way you need to be patient, you need to desire and should be able to devote time for the learning process. Or, you can join my courses that tell you how. Again time and patience are the prerequisites. You can also opt for the developers available online. They assist in converting HTML to WordPress site. Since there is a tough competition, there are companies and individual developers, who offer services at a very competitive price.

To create a WordPress site, you can make use of stock photos available online. Use these vector images for the header. You can copy the content from HTML site and paste the same in the WordPress site. Paste in the sidebar widget. There are easy to use and flexible themes available in WordPress.

Renaming index.html:

Any html site has the file saved as index.html or index.htm. When you have decided to move your site to WordPress, it is apt to rename the file. This is to ensure easy identification in the future. You can rename it as you feel, for instance, index-old.html or index-old.htm, will make it easy for you to identify.

Changes in WordPress Settings:

Go to WordPress dashboard and go to settings-> General. Change the URL of the domain. Then you need to follow the onscreen instructions. This may sound little techie, but easy to follow instructions are available. This is suitable for intermediate and advanced users only. Beginners cannot find it easy to understand and follow.

HTML site is outdated and with WordPress there are loads to explore. Plugins and themes make your site more viewer friendly and it is easy to reach masses with WordPress.