Configure Magento Stores with Third Party Web Services

Magento is a versatile CMS for eCommerce websites. It allows store owners to configure Magento run stores with third-party web services as well. But before integrating these services, a store owner needs to create web service and user. This tutorial will allow you how to configure Magento websites with other web services and set access for a web service user.

Steps to Create a Web Service Role in Magento Stores

  • Log in to your Magento back end after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, select Web Services > Roles
  • Click on the Add New Role link
  • Type a Roll name or API in the Role Name field
  • Specify the data that this role has access to, from the Role Resource tab on the left side

Setting the Access for the Newly Created Web Service Role

  • Full Access: To enable full access to customer, catalog, sales information, change the Resource Access option to All.
  • Limited Access: To enable access to limited data, check the checkbox next to the resources this role will have access to.
  • Specific Access: Limit the type of access to resource by specifying Update, Retrieve, Delete under each resource type.

Steps to Create a Web Service User in Magento Stores

  • From the Admin Panel, select Web Services > Users
  • Click on the Add New User link
  • Fill up the User Name, First Name, Last Name, Email in their respective fields
  • Enter the verification code or password in the API key field to gain access
  • Inside the API Key Confirmation, re-type the verification code
  • Assign a role to this user by selecting it from the table, from the User Role tab
  • Click Save User to save the changes made

After you have created a user for web services, you can integrate third-party web services with Magento.