Easy Steps to backup Joomla website

Joomla website backup is generally done using Akeeba Component, which is easy to use and non-commercial. The backup file once created using the component can be downloaded directly from the backend or using FTP. The backup file can be restored exactly like a new Joomla installation.
Download the non-commercial version of  Akeeba Backup Component and install it using the Joomla installer. After successful installation, you can follow the steps below to configure and create a backup file.


Table of Contents

Go to Components > Akeeba Backup and click on Configuration.


The first change the Output Directory, and Temporary Directory to [SITETMP], configuration section. Which means the generated file will be stored in the tmp folder of Joomla site (set the permissions of the folder to 755 or 777). Then change the Archiver Engine to ZIP format in the advanced configuration as we want the backup file to be in ZIP format. Save after the changes are done.


After configuration, you can click on the Backup Now button and the backup process starts. The time taken for the procedure depends upon the size of the site and the SQL file. Have patience till the backup process completes. Don’t interrupt or try to access files while the process is on.


After the backup is complete, go to Administer Backup Files. You can find the backup file with the date and a link to download.
Now a backup of Joomla site is done successfully. You can now take the backup and install it into your server or localhost. To do that you need to extract the ZIP file into your server. Now the rest of the process is like Joomla installation setup. Comment here if you face any problem during setup.