How to Assign More than One Template to a Joomla Website?

The default Joomla pack contains more than one Joomla template installed in it and if you have ever thought or willing to have more than one template activated on your Joomla website, then your can definitely do it with Joomla. Joomla provides you the feature to have more than one template activated in your website. You may even install an new template (other than the existing/default) and have the feature . Here is how to Assign More than One Template to a Joomla Website.

You can install as many templates into the joomla website using the extension manager and activate it for different pages.  So, the following steps will know help you in accomplish your need .You can follow the steps below to assign more than one template to your joomla website :

  • Go to extension manager and install the template. If you are you using default joomla templates, you can ignore the step.
  • Now you can go to template manager by clicking on Extensions > Template Manager.
  • You will find all list of template installed in your joomla website.
  • Click on the template you would like to assign . Ex: Beez_20
  • Once you have clicked on a template you will find the option assign the template to a particular page in the  menu items.
  • Click on Select from List, and then choose the menus / pages where you want the template to appear and click Apply or Save.
  • Repeat the step each time you assign different template to different pages.

So there it is ! You can have any number of templates installed . The option of having more than one template makes joomla different from other CMS available in the market. Joomla is FLEXIBLE and thus makes it the best CMS available.