Add Image Map in Joomla in 3 Quick Steps

Using normal HTML syntax everyone can include an image file in Joomla CMS. But many webmasters face difficulty when they have to add an image map in Joomla. You can add links to multiple parts of the image as opposed to a single link for one image file.

How to Add Image Map in Joomla?

This Joomla tutorial covers the steps on how you can add image map in the Joomla content management system.

  • Preferably switch over to JCE WYSIWYG editor in case you are using TinyMCE. It is a free and a better editor than the Tiny editor.
  • Next, go to Components >> JCE >> Configuration
  • add map[name],area[shape|coords|href|alt|title] to the extended elements

Save it and now you can successfully add a map code.