How to add a new article in Joomla?

In case of Joomla, new articles can be added by the help of the “Add Articles” button. Or else articles can also be added from the “Article Manager” screen present in the Administrator back-end. Here is how to add a new article in Joomla.
Adding a new article:

  1. First of all you need to log into the Administrator back-end.
  2. Then you are required to select the “Add New Article” button present in the central control panel. This will open the New Article screen. Alternatively, you can also select Content -> Article Manager -> New Article menu item to access the Article Manager. There, you need to choose the ’New’ toolbar button.
  3. At the New Article screen, you will find options where you can name and categorize the article as well as choose parameters and edit the contents. For instance, you need to enter a title in the title region and an alias in the alias region. Besides, you are also required to choose a category for your article from the drop down column. Moreover, here you should also specify if the article is published or not by the help of the ‘Published’ drop down menu and whether the article should be visible on the home page or not by using the ‘Featured’ drop down menu.
  4.  After specifying the desired constraints, now you need to enter the content by the help of editor present in the New Article screen.
  5. Once the content is entered, you can also select various parameters for the articles by going through the different parameters available and modify those as per your requirements.
  6. Then you need to select the ‘Save’ toolbar button for saving the article. At this stage, your article will be saved but you will still be in the Article Manager screen.
  7. After the article is saved, a blue message will appear saying “Successfully saved changes to Article: article_title”. So previously if you had not filled the Article title and other sections, then an error message will be displayed in this regard. So you need to fill the left out columns first before going further.

Hence, by following the above steps you will be able to add a new article in your Joomla website successfully.