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How do you display the featured articles in WordPress?

There are very few blogging platforms which match the powers of WordPress. It also has the distinction of being the blogging platform which can be setup fastest. Among the many things you should know about WordPress, the most important of those is the ability to show the featured articles. There are various ways to display the articles. You can download plugins; you can also make tweaks with your codes. Out of all the things that are there, this is a list of some of the best ways to display WordPress articles in the featured section of the website. So read through to know how do you display the featured articles in WordPress.

Content Gallery plugin

One of the first plugins to be launched which was dedicated towards displaying the featured articles was Featured Content Gallery. It still remains as one of the most effective of plugins. Its special feature is to display the articles in the sliding fashion. If you are using the article, you would get an automatically created gallery, in which one can slide the featured articles. You might have seen this in many of the websites, since it is the most common way to display the best articles you have. Among the other features that come with this plugin, you have the ways to configure the height and width of the texts and the overall gallery. There will be a two way arrow, so that reader can easily browse between the articles. The only problem is that you cannot divide the articles in categories. This won’t be a very big problem if you don’t have the habit of dividing the blog, but for large blogs navigating without the category is a very difficult task.


D13Slidshow specializes in making an animated slideshow of the featured articles. The great thing about it is that you can use it to create websites which are optimized for the Internet Explorer. The transitions are very well designed, and also one can decide to read the articles by simply clicking from the dropdown menu. The HTML and CSS support is improved in this plugin and so is the overall look and feel of the website. The usual way to install this plugin is to insert some lines of code into the page. The plugin offers a very strong integration to the backend of the blog, which allows a lot of control. The only problem is that it doesn’t allow adding more than 10 articles.

Featured articles Plugin

This is another such plugin. This is there with Moo tools, which make a lot of backend control possible. There are things like number of featured articles, the order in which they appear etc. The plugin is actually very smart in a sense that it can pick images from the posts itself, to display those as the thumbnail for slideshow. The overall appearance is aesthetic and complete with descriptions.

WordPress featured content slideshow

This is among the most used and preferred plugins for displaying featured content in WordPress. The most powerful feature of the blog is the JavaScript transitions it offers. The overall experience is brilliant because there are pictures and contents to support the slideshow. The backend for administrator is also very strong. The transitions are innovative, like you can click the title of the article and the image for the article appears. The titles and description are also a nice touch. You can however, include as many as 5 articles with the plugin.

Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider

It is a plugin based on the jQuery, which make it reliable and exceptionally elegant for simple blogs.

There are thus many ways in which you can display the featured content in your site. The only thing you have to decide is which one gives you more control over the way the content is displayed.