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How can you add contact us page in Joomla?

Once you start your web site, you will probably want to allow your visitors to contact you. In this way the visitors will be able to provide important feedback to the webmaster. Having a Contact Us page on your site is an easy way to receive feedback from your visitors. You need to set a Contact Us page with an online contact form for this purpose. Joomla has a default component that allows you to create such page with just few clicks. Read through to know how can you add contact us page in Joomla.

Create a Contact item

First, the actual content of your Contact Us page needs to be created.

  • Login to your administrative area
  • Then go to Components -> Contacts. Click the green New button on this page to create a new contacts page.

You need to specify a unique name for the contact.Here, we will focus on only one Contact Us page. We will not go into the different Contact us categories, because they basically use the same logic which Joomla articles use. Click on the Contact Details tab to proceed with the page creation. Then you need to enter your contact information. However it should be made sure that you enter a valid e-mail address, as it will be used by the contact form. In the top left part of the page, click on the Save button once you fill in all the information you want to share with your visitors.

Publish the newly created Contact

Now, we need to enable this contact form. In order to do this, click the red icon next to the Contact Form element in order to change its status from unpublished to published. You can proceed with the next step when the icon turns green.

Link the Contact page in a Joomla menu

The last thing you need to do is to add a Contact Us link to the menu of your site. Here we will add it to the main menu. You can do this by following the below mentioned steps

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add Menu Item
  • There are few things you need to configure on this page. Click on the Select button next to the Menu Item Type field.
  • A lightbox will appear asking you to choose the type of menu item you will be creating. Then select Contacts -> Single Contact.
  • Now you need to specify the exact Contact item you want to display in that menu. For doing this, click the Select button next to the Select Contact field.

Once you have done that, choose the form you have created through the default Joomla 3 contact component. Select a title for that menu item. This will be the actual text that will be shown on your site menu. Click on the Save button in the upper part of the page once you fill in the information. You can now move to your newly created Contact Us page after completion of all the procedures.

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