Setup Google Checkout Shipping in Magento – Flat rate

Magento content management system supports Google checkout flat rate shipping options. The flat rate refers to the pricing structure that remains almost constant irrespective of its usage, over a period of time. Magento store owners can set three different flat rates. This tutorial will cover how you can setup Google Checkout Shipping in Magento – Flat Rate.

Steps to Setup Google Checkout Shipping in Magento – Flat Rate

  • Log in to your Magento store backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration
  • In the Configuration Panel on the left, under Sales, select the Google API tab
  • Click to expand the Google Checkout Shipping – Flat Rate section
  • Next, carryout the following steps:
  1. Set Enable Flat Rate to Yes
  2. In the Rate 1 Title field, enter the flat rate shipping option title for rate 1
  3. In the Rate 1 Amount field, enter the shipping rate for rate 1
  4. Specify whether to enable this shipping option for all allowed countries or only specific countries in the Rate 1 Shipping To Applicable Countries field
  5. If you have selected Specific Countries in the above step, then specify the countries that are allowed to use this shipping option from the Rate 1 Ship to Specific Countries.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 for Rate 2 and Rate 3 as well
  • Click the Save Config button to save the changes made

The above steps can help you setup Google Checkout Flat Rate Shipping options in your Magento store. If you are unsuccessful in setting it up, then either follow the above steps once again carefully or Request a Quote with us. Our Magento developers will help you in setting up Google Checkout Flat rate in your online store.