Fix your Joomla Issues

Are you having a hard time to Fix Joomla Issues? Is your website not working properly after upgrading to a new version? We have fix for every Joomla Issue. We have been providing Joomla Error fixing support to our client since years.

Fix Joomla Issues

Here are the types of Joomla issues that you might be facing :

  1. After upgrading to new version : If you are a Joomla website owner then you might sometimes face issues after upgrading to new version of Joomla.With release of new Joomla version some of the functions gets deprecated. If some of the existing extensions uses the deprecated functions, you might face the issue.
  2. After installation of new extension : If you website is using the latest Joomla version and you find some issues after installation of a new extension, the be sure that the extension is not compatible with the latest version.
  3. jQuery Issues : If you see some of your modules or plugins such as slider, photo gallery and other javascript based extension don’t work after installation then the issue might be jQuery conflict.
  4. CSS Issues : These issues are generally browser based or device based issues. Your website might look perfect in one browser but not the same on other then its a browser compatible issue.
  5. Hacked/Malware Issues : You site might get infected with Malware or hacked , if you use the older version of Joomla. Some of the older versions of Joomla are vulnerable. You  should be upgrade joomla to avoid hacker from hacking your website.

To summarize, our experts can fix joomla issues with Javascript, CSS or  PHP. Our developers have been working on Joomla for more than 8 years and have expertise on Joomla core development, design and fixing bugs. Simply fill up the form with your issue and we will help you fix it! We will reply you back as soon as possible.

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