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How to fasten your joomla website?

Most of the joomla site owners are worried about the performance of their website as it  takes too long to load the pages, which makes the visitor to leave the site before the site is completely  loaded. This is  because the joomla website isn’t properly optimized after being developed.

What should be done ?

  1. Remove white spaces and comments from CSS and JS files, this will decrease the size of the files by 30-40%.
  2. Use joomla plugins which can cache, compress and reduce the JS and CSS files which reduces the loading time and http request.
  3. CSS and JS files can be combined to bring down the http requests.

What are available in Joomla ?


The Joomla pages can be compressed  using Gzip Compression. Gzip Compression is supported by most of the servers, which can reduce the size of the pages by 70% to 90%. As a result  bandwidth  will be reduced the pages will load faster . Gzip Compression uses the server processing power.

Its very simple to  enable Gzip Compression on your Joomla web site, just go to your Global Configuration and then  to the Server tab. Set GZIP Page Compression to Yes. After enabling the GZIP you can check your website at this will tell you whether your pages are zipped or not.

Cache (system cache)

Cache works great and should be turned on, either from Global Configuration and another way is to enable the “System Cache” Plugin from Plugin Manager. Sometimes enabling Cache does not go well with cyrillics or special characters used.

You can check your speed of the page at :

Plugins like JA Compress can be used for CSS and JS compression, minify and reduction .If you have any queries or want us to help you in optimize your joomla website then Request a Quote.


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