Embed Third Party Scripts in Magento Body Tag

This blog post on embed third party scripts in Magento covers how to include a embedded code in the body tag for easy integration with a third party service. This third party service may either be Google Analytics, Affiliate Programs or Tracking codes etc.

How to Embed Third Party Scripts in Magento

  • Log in to your Admin Panel
  • Go to System > Configuration > Design (under General tab) > Footer
  • Locate the Miscellaneous HTML box
  • Paste the code to be embedded n Magento
  • Go to Catalog > Search Indexing and Click ‘Refresh Index’ button

After completing these steps, the embedded code will appear in the Magento store.

If the code doesn’t appear, then check that you have followed all the steps to embed third party scripts in Magento. If the problem still persists, then request a quote with us today. Our expertise Magento team will provide immediate and appropriate solutions to the query.

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