Edit Joomla Header Tag – Complete How to Guide

Edit Joomla Header Tag in 3 Easy Steps

Joomla content management system is the most preferred CMS over the Internet. A number of websites are running successfully using Joomla CMS. Its functionalities and SEO features makes it user friendly and search engine friendly. Its inbuilt tools helps web pages to rank higher in search engines.

You can easily add any content and edit Joomla header tag. In most content management systems, you have complete control to decide what to display within the head tags. But in case of Joomla it is slightly different. Still you can edit Joomla header tags easily by the following way.

How to Edit Joomla Header Tag

This post covers how to edit Joomla header tag. Follow these easy steps to edit the meta data.

  • Add <jdoc:include type=”head”/> in the template file.
  • The tag content such as Meta data is automatically filled by Joomla.
  • Edit Meta Data: Control Panel Site >> Global Configuration

You can also edit Joomla header tag Meta data for individual articles.
If you are unable to edit Joomla header tag or don’t want to risk it, then get professional help. Hire a Joomla developer to assist you in the process. Request a quote today.