Sticky Notification

How to install the extension?

After successful UNZIP of the file,you will find the Documentation folder and the a zip file to install.

Go to Extensions > Extension Manager and click on the Upload Package File Tab.

Click on browse to choose the correct installtion file and click on "Upload and Install"

After sucessful installtion of the module you will get a the following message.

How to Setup?

After installtion go to Extensions > Module Manager.

On the left Filter select type "Sticky Notification". You will be able to see something like the following screenshot.

Now click on the Sticky Notification title to configure the extension. Upon clicking you will be able to see the following with default "Module" Tab opened.

Module Tab

Make the following changes on "Module" Tab

Menu Assigment Tab

After completing the changes in the Module tab, click on the Menu Assignment tab and select the menu items where you would like the module to be activated.

Module Permission Tab

Don't make any changes to the module permission settings. If you want to know more about it then you can visit

General Settings Tab

Styling Settings Tab

Advanced Settings Tab



For other queries open a Support Ticket at
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