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Decrease Joomla Load Speed – 6 Easy Steps

Decrease Joomla load speed with easy to follow steps

Decrease Joomla load speedJoomla content management system is easy to use software for designing and developing functional websites. With the help of additional custom extensions, Joomla websites can be empowered further. But using too many plugins, components and modules slows down the Joomla run website. So our prime focus should be to decrease Joomla load speed.

How to Decrease Joomla load speed?

Decrease Joomla load speed can improve user experience greatly. Google also considers loading speed to rank websites accordingly. This post covers how you can decrease Joomla load speed easily by following the steps given below:

  • Go to Global Configuration and turn On caching.
  • Get rid of all unnecessary extensions that may be slowing down the site.
  • Instead of using multiple extensions prefer Joomla extension Customization.
  1. Joomla Module Customization
  2. Joomla Plugin Customization
  3. Joomla Component Customization
  • Host your Joomla website on a better server or a dedicated server.
  • Try optimizing your codes and images of the website.
  • Use a custom Joomla template with cleaner codes.

These above points can decrease Joomla load speed by upto 80-90%. But in case you don’t see satisfactory changes or want to reduce load speed even further then request a quote.

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