Create Joomla Secondary Menu for Your Website

Joomla is a popular content management system. Its right blends of advanced and user friendly features make it the most preferred choice among website owners and developers. For easy navigation you can create Joomla secondary menu along with primary menu.

How to Create Joomla Secondary Menu?

This post covers how you can create Joomla secondary menu in easy steps. Follow the step by step guide to create a custom menu for your Joomla website.

  • Create a new module with all your design, js and css.
  • Name it mod_secondarymenu
  • Copy mod_mainmenu and overwrite code as needed.
  • Change module type from mod_mainmenu to your mod_secondarymenu

By this method you can add a Joomla secondary menu. If you face any difficulty then ask for a quote. Our team of professionals will offer you expertise help at affordable cost.