Create Basic Contact Page for Joomla Website

How to create Contact Page for Joomla?

Once your Joomla website is live, viewers and customers would like to contact you for feedback and queries. So to promote interaction between the Joomla site owner and users, every successful website must have a functional Contact Us page. It is even more productive if the Contact form is present either in the Main menu or in the footer menu or in a more prominent position.

This tutorial will assist you in creating a contact page of your own and adding it in the main menu in easy steps.

Steps to Create Using Contact Component

  • Login to your Joomla backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, navigate to Components > Contacts > Categories
  • In the left most top corner, click the New button
  • Enter the Title and other details for your new contact category
  • Save the changes made by clicking the Save button on top

Steps to Configure the Contact Component

  • After saving, you will find a new component under the Components tab
  • Navigate to Components > Contacts > Contacts
  • Once again click on the New button to setup your Contact Us page
  • Enter the Name and set the Category
  • Fill up the details under the Contact details section in the right side
  • Save the changes made by clicking the Save button on top
Important fields to fill up under Contact Details Section
  1. Email: A valid email address which will receive the contact form inquires
  2. Image: An icon to be displayed inside the Contact form
  3. Other fields include Address, Website

Steps to Add the Contacts Page in Joomla Website Menu

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu
  • Click on Add New Menu Item
  • Select Menu Item Type as Single Contact
  • Enter a name in the Menu Title
  • Click on the Change Contact button in the right side of the page
  • Fill up all the other fields, if required (the mandatory fields)
  • Save the changes made by clicking the Save button on top

Although a number of Joomla Contact Extensions  are available to setup and create a contact page for Joomla, yet it is best to use the inbuilt contact us form feature provided in Joomla CMS. This will capture all the queries effectively and you don’t have to depend on third party plugins which may slow down your website. Plus it is efficient, easy to maintain and free of cost.

If you are looking for any professional help to setup the contact page for Joomla, you can contact us or request a quote now. We will get back to you as soon as possible.