Confirm New Magento Customer Account via Email

Magento is a popular CMS for managing an eCommerce website. You can develop and design a shopping cart using it. For any online store, the opt-in feature provided to the customers is an important aspect of a successful business website. And fortunately, Magento offers a very unique and easy method to confirm new Magento customer account via emails.

Once the customer registers in the Magento website, a confirmation mail is sent to the email account using which the account was made. This benefits both the store manager as well as the new customer.

The new customer gets to know that his/ her is now successfully registered in the Magento website while the store manager need not send out individual confirmation mails to all the new customers. Plus, this also checks the creation of fake account by computer bots.

Confirm New Magento Customer Account via Email

  • Log in to your Admin Panel
  • Select System > Configuration
  • Select ‘Customer Configuration’ in the Configuration Panel
  • Click to expand ‘Create New Account Options’ section
  • Carryout the following steps:
  1. Set ‘Require Emails Configuration’ to Yes
  2. Set ‘Configuration Link Email’ to choose the configuration email template
  3. Click the ‘Save Config’ button to save the changes made

Use the above steps to confirm new Magento customer account via email. You can even test it yourself. On success, you will receive the confirmation mail.

But if you don’t get the confirmation mail from your Magento stores then check the above steps once again. You can even request a quote with us to resolve the issue. We offer the best Magento services at affordable price.