Configure Magento Admin Users – Add Admin User & Create Admin Roles

How to Configure Magento Admin Users

Managing a large online store can be a tough job for single store managers. So for the smooth running of the shopping cart, a proper user management system must exist. There must be scope for collaborating work for a systematic division of the workload.

Magento is an advanced eCommerce CMS offers this feature. Using this eCommerce CMS, we can develop a fully functional online website for our store. The CMS has lots of features and functionalities. It is also possible for store managers to configure Magento admin users. They can assign different roles to different users. And from a security point of view, strict user management is the safest bet.

This post will cover how you can configure Magento admin users in your online store. But before that, you need to know the two most essential steps to configure Magento admin roles.

Steps to Configure Magento Admin Roles

  1. Add Magento Admin User
  2. Create Magento Admin Roles

Add Magento Admin User

  • Log in to your Magento backend after entering the correct user name and password
  • Inside Admin panel, Go to Systems > Permissions > Users
  • Select ‘Add New User’ button
  • Fill up all the necessary fields for Account information
  • Set this account to Active to enable access to the user
  • Select User Role and assign a pre-defined role to this user
  • Click ‘Save User’ to save the changes made

Ensure that you have assigned a role to this user; else the user will not be able to access the admin panel.

Create Magento Admin Roles

  • From Admin panel, Select System > Permissions > Roles
  • Click ‘Add New Role’ button
  • Provide a Role name
  • In the Role information panel, select the Role resources option
  • Choose the features you want to assign to this user
  • Click ‘Save Role’ button to save the changes made

Ensure that you have assigned the required features to the new admin role for the user to access them.

If you face any difficulty in configuring admin users in your Magento website, then Request a Quote. Our Magento team will help you in adding and creating Magento administrators quickly. We also provide custom Magento extensions for websites and stores. Check our Magento store for useful extensions.