How to Configure Check / Money Order Payment Method in Magento

Magento content management system allows different payment options for the convenience of the customers. In our last tutorial, we discussed how to enable COD payment method. But in some regions COD may not be available or a customer needs to purchase above a certain amount to avail it. So, it is better to prefer a more broad and common mode of payment for online stores – by Check / Money Order.

Steps to Configure Check / Money Order Method in Your Magento Stores

  • Log in to your Magento store backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration
  • In the Configuration Panel on the left, select the Payment Methods tab under Sales
  • Click to expand the Check / Money Order section.
  • Under the Check / Money Order section, carry out the following steps:
  1. Set Enabled to Yes in order to activate this mode of payment.
  2. Enter an identifiable title in the Title field, to identify this payment method during checkout. You can use the default entry.
  3. Set New Order Status to Pending, so that the new orders remain in the pending state unless they are completely processed
  4. In the Payment from Applicable Countries field, select the countries where COD is applicable
  • All Allowed Countries: Customers from all countries under the default countries list can use the COD mode of payment
  • Specific Countries: Customers from a selected number of countries can use this payment mode. The selected list only appears after selecting this option.
  1. In the Make Check Payable To field, enter the name of the person to whom the check is to be paid.
  2. In the Send Check To field, enter the complete address where the check is to be sent.
  3. In the Minimum Order Total field, specify the minimum total that qualifies for availing the Check/Money Order mode of payment.
  4. In the Maximum Order Total field, specify the maximum total that qualifies for availing Check/Money Order mode of payment.
  5. To set the position of Check / Money Order option in the list of payment methods which is displayed during checkout, enter a numeric value in the Sort Order field. A lower value has greater priority and ranks higher in the list.
  • On completion, click the Save Config button to save the changes made

If you have successfully carried out all the above steps, you will notice a Check / Money Order option in the payment methods list. Of course this name varies depending on the title you entered in the Title field above.

But if you are unsuccessful in configuring the Check / Money Order payment method in your Magento store then Request a Quote with us. Our team of Magento professionals will assist you in the process.